Freshbooks Integration

A Freshbooks online integration would be fantastic and would really up the appeal of n8n to business users. The use cases are plenty, such as:

  • Workflow that automatically queries if a customer exists, creates the customer on if/else, takes that customer and creates an invoice.
  • Record a stripe payment against a customer’s freshbooks balance
  • Create an estimate, then email that estimate to a customer.
  • Bank automation depending on expenses


  • Authentication via OAuth 2.0

Actions (BREAD model actions for all objects - browse/query, read, edit, add, delete)
Most important:

  • Bill
  • Customer
  • Estimate
  • Invoice
  • Payment

NB : I copy/pasted the post from MikeB that was about Quickbooks, because it’s a very similar service if not identical, with also a great amount of users.

Would love to see this too. We currently have our own integration to transfer tracked time within clickUp to freshbooks, but maintaining that with n8n would be so much easier

Actually I’ve done my own integration of the oauth2 as it was not working with the default n8n one.

Here is a screenshot if it can help someone else.

To store the refresh_token, you can either write/read a file or use an airtable record.
As I’m using heroku tu host the app, I could not use write/read file, so I used airtable.
Other mentions you can use static data to store value but it’s stored only through running flow, not really persistent then…)

Anyway, that works, but it would be easier with a native node.

Flow :

  1. Webhook : new expense added (can be any webhook you configure)
  2. get the persistent stored refresh_token from an airtable record
  3. Ask new access_token and refresh_token with the previous refresh_token (theses new access are valid only 12 hours, that’s why I’m asking a new one each time the webhook is called)
  4. Update the persistent Airtable record with new access_token and refresh_token
  5. Do your http request to Freshbooks API with a header auth (Bearer <access_token>)