From google sheet to webhook outgoing

Hi Team,

Is it possible to submit all data from a google sheet to a webhook URL in n8n? And then the external app with that webhook URL catches the data. Thanks for the help.



Hi @daniel.o, webhook requests are essentially just HTTP Requests. So, you should be able to use the HTTP Request node to send data to a webhook endpoint.

Can you give me a sample setup from Google Sheets to that HTTP request you’re talking about?

It’s really simple, something like this for example would send the data from a Google Sheet to a dummy URL from

Google Sheet:


Webhooks arriving on server:

Hi Sir,

Why is it we only receive 11 data when we set 18 data on n8n?

So, on your screenshot you can see that 38 items have been processed:

Or is the number of items correct, but the data from some fields is missing? If so, it might be that the system you are sending data to is expecting a different data structure or that some of your items simply don’t have all fields populated.

Well honestly we came into a point to just use webhook because whenever we try to use the MySQL insert data to a mySQL database table we keep on having error. Sometimes success and somtimes not. And this is somewhat frustrating since most of the data we process is for our clients. This is the screenshot of the error of insert data to mySQL:

Hoping you could help us out with this problem.

Can you share the JSON data returned by your Rename Keys node as well as the definition of the MySQL/MariaDB table you’re trying to insert data into and confirm the exact versions of n8n and MySQL in use?

What we would like to accomplish is transfer all data from google sheet to MySQL database table every 10 minutes. We want to update the database table real time since we read all clients data from mySQL database table. Whenever changes were made into the google sheet this will the update the mySQL db table on realtime basis every 10 minutes.

Ok wait for a while

deleted image for confidentiality
This one?

Can you confirm how the table you’re trying to insert data into looks like? Which columns and data types does it have?

Deleted image

Most of it were characters

Deleted Image for confidentiality
google sheet to rename keys

rename keys to mySQL insert. Working for now but will give errors later. When running every 10 minutes.
Deleted Image for confidentiality

It would be great to have a full JSON dataset from the node using which the problem can be reproduced. Once you run into an error, could you copy it like so:

Recording 2022-10-20 at 16.24.01

You can of course redact anything confidential, but it would be important to keep the data structure itself (so make sure arrays, null values etc. remain).

Deleted Image for confidentiality

Do you still need anything else?

These were json of rename keys output