FTP over TLS planned or workaround known?


i just had the following error:

I checked the code of the node and there is no support for TLS currently right? Is this planned at the moment or do you see any other workaround to use FTP with TLS?

As far as iI could see, you are using promise-ftp - npm which has the following config.object:

" * secureOptions <object>: Additional options to be passed to tls.connect(). Default: (none)"

So if you tell me it is not planned yet, I will test creating a new FTP beta node in my instance and will try to test this and share the result in Github of course if it works :slight_smile: .

Thank you very much for your time reading this and have a great evening

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are you talking about SFTP?

Hi @RedPacketSec ,

no unfortunately not, I tried that too but FTP over TLS is also called FTPS. This is an extension to the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) that adds support for the Transport Layer Security (TLS).


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FTPS support is not a bad idea, I prefer SFTP as it is easier to use and only one version with one port which is handy.

Would be nice to see both implicit and explicit FTPS added with certificate authentication for those that need it.

If you need help extending the current FTP node let me know, I spent a few years dealing with file transfer protocols and the security around them :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s not planned. However, you can test it locally, passing the extra parameter secure, as you mentioned. If that works, then we can expose it in the credentials. The only concern is that according to the parameter description, that parameter seems to be deprecated?

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That will be for implicit FTPS (FTPS using port 990), explicit FTPS is still all good.

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