FTP/SFTP request node [GOT CREATED]

I can’t find a way to get files over ftp/sftp connection as I can do it using HTTP Request node. Am I missing something (I’m a brand new user) ? would it be possible to have a FTP/SFTP Request node working like HTTP Request node ?

Thanks a lot for your work.

Welcome to the community @slavielle!

Yes it would be possible but sadly does such an integration not exist yet.

Thanks @jan,

I guess I could get manage with the Execute command node to get the file from FTP anyway :slight_smile:)

Let me know if such an FTP node become available one day. Even if it’s not the sexiest node ever, FTP still widely used to provide data sometimes

Ah yes will be updating here once we have added it.

Yes agree that it is for sure not the “fanciest” node but would for sure still be very helpful in many cases.

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doing some researches for this kind of plataform and just loved how n8n works… although i stumbled on the same thing: the need of (s)ftp

Welcome to the community @rafaelcmotta!

Great to hear that you enjoy n8n! We scheduled the node and I hope we can release it in the next few weeks.


FTP/SFTP Node got released with [email protected]


Thank you, very useful!