Fully integrated community-node-marketplace in n8n

The idea is:

Right now it is possible to install community nodes to a n8n instance. This actually is really nice and necessary to get more and more integrations of apis in a scalable way. The current approach based on the npm search and the copy&paste mechanism of the name is working fine but the user expierence espacially for citizen developers (no-coders) is bad. They don’t know what npm is and don’t want to learn the basic understanding of how code distribution based on npm works. And they don’t need to acutally.

My idea is to drastically improve the ux for community nodes with a native integration of the search for community nodes.

It would be really nice to have a marketplace interface (like amazon, booking or anything else) on this page to find the right community node. Possible filters would be name, last contribution, count of installs, quality and so on. I think it is possible to still use npm as backend for this.

Also an integration in the search for nodes interface would be really nice to show non experienced n8n users the community nodes that are matching. Also it would be really nice to install them directly from there.

Lastly it would also be really nice for me as a community node developer to get a chance to earn money with the community node. For example sell a subscription or one time fee for the node. I think this is crucial to have good quality community nodes in the long term. Right now all community nodes are more or less sideprojects from some devs. If there is a chance to get a compensation then there will be a competition on the marketplace to sell the nodes. this will increase the quality of the nodes and also will be a marketing stunt for n8n.

My use case:

  1. Me as a non-tech citizen developer want to extend the functionallity of n8n easily. I use marketplaces everyday and thatswhy I know how to search for what I need in a marketplace UI.
  2. I want to add a node which is not included in the core nodes but is a community node. But I don’t now anything about the concept of community nodes. So I will only find it when community nodes are included in the basic search for a node in the workflow editor.
  3. I want to contribute to n8n in a profesianal way and I know that an integration is missing. I have the skill to develop a community node but I don’t have enough time to maintain it properly, because I need to work otherwise to earn money.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Users which give n8n a try will find much more integrations more easily and are more impressed.
Also it could result in more community nodes and therefore more integrations.

Any resources to support this?

I don’t know if all of this is possible with only npm as backend it could be a first try or mvp to just create a marketplace ui which calls the npm over cli.

Are you willing to work on this?