Get Content from Embeddings and use it

I´m using n8n beta. It´s a mind blowing the possibilities for a no coder as i´m.

I run a Digital Agency and one of your jobs is to create social media posta. Until now i use Chatgpt to do it. But i have a limitation, i need to add my client information to have the content related to my client.

Now with n8n i can create an embedding with all the info from the client. I ask a question about the business and it give me a post.

But i can´t create a posts directly from the embedding content. It´s possible to add a variable with the content from embeddings? Is there anyting that i can do?

Bellow the workflow that i use

Hi @lsoldado, it’s not currently possible to fetch data from sub-nodes (like the “Embeddings OpenAI” node in your example) I am afraid.

But seeing this question has come up before, I’ve converted your thread into a feature request so you and other users can vote on having this implemented going forward.

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