Get content of gmail email including attachment and forward to endpoint

I am a use case for accessing a gmail account, for each email that comes in, I would like to send it to a GraphQL endpoint for processing of the email and it’s contents. Any links on where I can start from?

Hey @churcho!

Do you want to trigger the workflow when you receive a new email? If yes, you can use the IMAP Email node to trigger your workflow.

The link is not working and I tried to get to this but got a 404 on this link.

Hey @churcho,

Sorry for the incorrect link. Here’s the updated link: :slight_smile:

I am not able to get links on how to authenticate and add my Gmail auth.

1. First of all, you'll have to enter credentials for the IMAP Email node. 
You can find out how to do that [here](

The link to that resource is not working and I need to follow that to see how to manage credentials on the service, in this instance Gmail.

Hey @churcho!

Sorry for the trouble. Here’s the link correct link: We also have a video showing all the steps. You can find it here:

I will fix the link on the documentation too :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much.
I’ll test the flow with the outlined steps and report back on the experience.

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So I got the IMAP working, I can get the entire content of the email.

I can’t find documentation on how to parse that into the HTTP Request. Do I have to add another node for extracting the attachments or I can send it directly to the HTTP Request node?

You can send it directly to the HTTP Node. You can configure it as shown below.