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I need your assistance in completing this workflow. I have an RSS feed and I only want to retrieve new items and save the links to an airtable base. Right now every time I run the trigger, it fetches all the RSS items and save them again in the base. Please advise on how to limit to only new items.

Hey @biznetcom,

You could use an If node and check if the publish date is since the last run of the workflow, You can find an example workflow here: Post RSS feed items from yesterday to Slack | n8n workflow template

There is also an RSS Trigger node made by a community member here: n8n-nodes-rss-feed-trigger - npm which might help.

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Thank you Jon. I have tried the first method to execute it but I’m getting this error: ERROR: The value “undefined” is not a valid DateTime.
I couldn’t solve it.

Hey @biznetcom,

Give this simplified version a go, Instead of the Date & Time node it does the magic in the If node using Luxon in an expression.

Thanks Jon

I’m testing now

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