Get out of Array or other options to put Set node output inside HTTP request body

Hi Guys.

I need to paste json output from set node as part of http request. It should look exactly like on the screenshot and be part of one HTTP request

I found function to merge these 3 items to 1, screen bellow:

and then I tried to paste output to HTTP request body using {{$json.data_object}}, but as result I get my set node inside [Array], how can I paste only content without brackets and “Array”?

How is it looks like:

How it should looks like:

workflow screen:

Information on your n8n setup

-Running n8n via Docker

Hey @tomfat,

What happens if you actually post it? The interface looks like it is trying to be helpful and is telling you it is an array. Are you able to share the data from the image in your first post so I can take a look?

Thank you for answer.


I used to check sending data and it looks like that:

please check “products” at the end

Working scheme should send samething like that at the end:



Hey @tomfat,

Try using {{JSON.stringify($json.data_object)}} and see if that helps, Without having the data itself to play with it is a bit tricky but that should sort it out for you.