Getresponse Oauth2 problem

hi there,
I’m new to n8n, and got stuck at the very begining. I can’t configure oauth2 connection to getresponse.

In the video / manual there are much less fields that I have in my instance of n8n:

And I cannot connect. Any help will be appreciated.

Welcome to the community @sjgn!

You are showing two totally different credential types. The above one is of type “GetResponse OAuth2” and the one bellow from the generic type “OAuth2”.

The first one you should get displayed if you create credentials from the GetResponse-Node, the one bellow if you use the HTTP Request-Node.

Hello :slight_smile:
@jan: I know. But I need to connect with Getresponse with HTTP Request node because Getresponse node only offers contact operations. I’d like to pull somehow reports.

And edit: for testing purposes - I can’t get the GetResponse OAuth2 to work either: it says ‘updated’, but does not redirect to getresponse to authorize (I’m using a ngrok tunnel on localhost).

You can then check the source code of the “GetResponse OAuth2” credentials. There you can find the values it uses:

Guess the problem is then that maybe something is not setup correctly. It is best and easiest to use the build-in n8n tunnel for testing purposes:

Thanks Jan. This helps a bit, I think I need to investigate further. The problem is probably in api endpoints and authorization urls, because I’m using a polish enterprise getresponse edition and it has everything setup differently…

Ah OK, that makes sense. Have no knowledge about that at all.

I think I’ve found the issue. Figured out correct endpoints, but I need to pass additional parameter (X-domain with value) in header when authorizing. Is there a way to do it? I can add a header parameter in HTTP request, but cannot (or don’t know how to) do it when authorizing. Can you please help with this?

Edit: and it turns out, that when n8n gets an error respose when oauth2 authorizing - it crashes.