Getting text log for workflow executions

Is it possible to get a log of workflow executions?

If you have in the workflow-settings defined that the execution should be saved:

You can see all of them when you select in the menu on the left side of the screen on “Executions”.

Yeah, I got that. My question was to get those execution log in a text format(maybe in a .txt file).
For each workflow execution a text log containing status of every node(In a text format).

No, nothing like that exists. What you can do is to simply use the REST-API the Editor-UI uses. You can find the code of it here:

Get all executions:

Get the full data of a specific execution:

Thanks Jan, I will check it out.

Hi Jan, this is exactly what i was looking for, but this api is returning only last 20 executions, how can i get all the executions or set the amount of data i am getting?

Great to hear that it is exactly what you were looking for!

You should actually find that information in the code I posted above. There is the “limit” query parameter that you can simply set to whatever you want.