Github Trigger any event on any repo

I’m migrating from Zapier to n8n and there, the Github trigger has a “New Global Event” which triggers whenever you do anything from your account on any repository on Github (regardless if it’s yours or not).

This is very helpful when you want, for example, to do things like reacting whenever you add a star to any repository, or when you open a pull request or add a comment to any repository on Github. Regardless if you own the repo or not or if you know the repo name and owner beforehand or not.

Unfortunately, n8n Github trigger, forces you to choose a repository name and owner making it impossible to watch for any action happening in your account.
Looks like you can only watch on actions of a certain repository, but not on any action for your account.

Our Github Trigger uses the webhook API. Their it’s just pooling from this endpoint

You can do the same with the Cron Node, HTTP Node and If Node.

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