Global variables on self-hosted

The idea is

Picture a scenario where you’re using cloud-hosted N8N with a Pro license for deployment, and a local instance for development. Then you want to leverage the Global Variables ($vars) feature in your workflows, which is available in the N8N cloud if you’re on the Pro license. The problem is you can’t, because said feature is not available on self-hosted instances —unless you’re paying for the Enterprise License. So, you’re paying for Pro and should be able to leverage Global Variables, but you can’t develop features for it, unless you either come up with a workaround for running locally (which should really be unnecessary), or move development to the cloud too, right next to your workflows in production.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It would make it simple for people paying for Pro, to develop functionality that leverages Global Variables in the safety and isolation of their local development environment.

I created an n8n community node, n8n-nodes-globals, which might have the functionality you are looking for.
It allows you to create a set of constant variables, which could be used across all workflows. You can also switch between different sets of values without affecting existing nodes.

Usage example:

Please test this node and share your experiences or suggestions.

Github repo: GitHub - umanamente/n8n-nodes-globals: N8N community node that allows users to create global constants and use them in all their workflows