Gmail node - “Reply to” email parameter [GOT CREATED]


It would be great to be able to specify the “Reply to” email in the Gmail node.

Right now the gmail node allow to specify the sender name, cc’ed & bcc’ed email but don’t allow custom reply-to address.

Exemple : Email sent from [email protected] but replies should be received by [email protected]

This would mean adding the info in the header object (cf. REST Resource: users.messages  |  Gmail  |  Google for Developers)

Hope this is clear

Thanks team :pray::pray:

EDIT : This might be available on [email protected] but I am using the cloud hosted version so I can’t confirm.
If it’s the case, let me know & I’ll archive the topic.

Hey @Mathieu_Brun-Picard,

Welcome to the community :tada:

I just checked and it doesn’t look like reply to was included in the recent change to the GMail node.

Thanks @Jon for letting me know.

I don’t think it’s a big change to implement (cf. this previous PR : ⚡ Add sender name parameter by RicardoE105 · Pull Request #2038 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub) but I am not comfortable enough to do a PR on n8n repo

Hey @Mathieu_Brun-Picard,

It doesn’t look like it would be a massive change but we still have to set a priority and assign someone to work on it which is normally done based on the amount of votes.

I will have a quick chat with our product team later today / tomorrow morning and see what they think about getting it added sooner rather than later.

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Thanks @Jon that would be really helpful.

I’m switching a worflow from Zapier to n8n and I can’t finish the transfer unless I have this option which seems fairly easy to implement

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@Jon any update on this ?

Hey @Mathieu_Brun-Picard,

I forgot to mention it at the node meeting, I have just added it as a reminder for next weeks although I may take a quick look over the weekend and see if it is something that I can sneak in.

Hi there,
Any updates on this?

Hey @Valdri,

The “Send Replies To” option was added a few versions back.

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