Google Calendar Integration [GOT CREATED]

Was about to make a thread for this :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking for the following:

  • Get all events within a date range
  • Include:
    • title, description, location
    • all day event or start + end time
    • event color id
    • notifications settings for the event may be helpful too


I’d be interested in adding events and using the calendar as trigger.

Solved this with my own work around in php… I may need to read up on the node development guide but my JS is rusty :sweat_smile:

Would like to see adding events and calendar triggers as well

@tcurdt @dave0 working on this.


looks like google calendar api does not support authorization using a Apikey, just OAuth2 which is yet not supported. @tcurdt @dave0

Your application must use OAuth 2.0 to authorize requests. No other authorization protocols are supported. If your application uses Google Sign-In, some aspects of authorization are handled for you.


@RicardoE105 thanks a lot for looking into that! Hope I am able to build something for Oauth soon. Just also have to think about how to implement it best…


I have good news. I just pushed a beta version of n8n with OAuth2 support to docker: n8nio/n8n:0.67.2-oauth-beta

It includes also the Google Calendar Integration.

Please test and report back if you run into any issues. If possible, please also report if everything is working fine, as that is also very good to know. Thanks!

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Please use n8nio/n8n:0.67.3-oauth-beta instead as it contains an important bugfix.

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Got released with [email protected]


Been using this one a lot! :heart_eyes: It’s almost perfect except for a couple things:

  • Event color are limited to 11 IDs. The node module is using 24 which are assigned to the calendar and are not the same colors for events

  • Event description option is missing. This would be helpful for storing JSON then matching scraped events that do not have a unique title (summary)

For example I’m scraping this list of gaming conventions which has events that may be postponed/cancelled and recreated with the same title. The description field would allow me to merge title + date to create a unique identifier

Side Note: It was worth the wait :pray:. I can create and update hundreds of events on my calendar using this and aggregate all sorts of things :blush:

Hey @dave0, glad that you like it and find it useful. I just added this to the backlog. Thanks for the feedback.

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+1 for the “description” as it is vital for creating an event

Also why is the appointment automatically assuming it would be a hangout / google meet, @RicardoE105 ? I would like to use it for zoom calls instead.

@svenjanssen That is a good question. This is on our sprint right now so will check it out soon. Will keep you post it.

@svenjanssen @dave0 Quick update guys just added the description and fixed the issue with the colors. Hopefully, tomorrow will add support for adding a conference when creating the event as @svenjanssen requested.

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Nice thank you, Ricardo. When will it be published?

@svenjanssen Hard to /say, what I can say it’s as soon as possible. I will let you know when is released.

Sorry my friend, I did’nt mean to push you for the new feature (conferencing). I was refering to use the bugfixed/+description one that you already did. But anyways, as you mentioned it be today or soon anyways, I’m patiently waiting now. Thank you for your quick action yesterday, really appreciate it!

@svenjanssen ohh np pal. I did not take as you were pushing me at all. Actually that is a nice idea, since the conferencing stuff it’s gonna take a bit then I can just send a PR with what is fixed already so you guys can start using it. Have to sync with Jan about this. Will let you know.

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Got released with [email protected]

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