Google Calendar OAuth - refresh token

Hello! I have a problem with the Google Calendar node because this node is using Google OAuth credentials that expire every 7 days (I ran the project in test mode on Google Cloud, I cannot switch to production mode because I use http for connection validation).
I found a lot of refresh token topics and I wonder if it is possible to apply these solutions in some way to the built-in Google Auth credentials:

Right now, I have to manually refresh the token every 7 days and it’s annoying. Hope there is a way to fix this problem.

Hi @danielrubak, seeing this is happening every seven days for you, I suspect this isn’t a problem with n8n not attempting the refresh but rather with Google not allowing the refresh. You might need to publish the OAuth2 client you have registered with Google, as for test users the authentication will expire after seven days as per Google’s documentation:

Authorizations by a test user will expire seven days from the time of consent.

From testing this myself it seems Google doesn’t enforce this if the authenticating user is identical with the GCP project owner, but this might change at any time.

So to avoid running into this you would need to publish your application or consider using a Google Workspace account which would allow you to create an Interal OAuth client only accessible to users within your organization.

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