Google Drive Image Url - HELP ME

Hello, how do I manipulate an image.

The image is in the Google Drive folder, I need to create a link to this image in png or jpg to publish on Pinterest.

It does not accept the google drive URL.

Hi @Edgard_Neto, links generated by Google Drive are not direct URL of an the respective image file, even if you publicly share a file. Or in other words, Google Drive is not an image host.

Perhaps you want to consider using a more suitable service instead? Consider for example your Wordpress instance to which you can upload an image as described on HELP - Upload feature image to Post wordpress - #29 by Jon.


Hello, but I’m not using wordpress in the flow, I don’t want to use it for the website! I need an image host.

Recommend someone on n8n to make these image urls.

You can upload files to Wordpress without using them on your website :slight_smile:

But if you’d rather not use WordPress there’s several alternatives out there, Imgur for example offers an API to upload images to: Imgur API

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