Google Drive not updating file contents?

When I try to update a Google Drive file, it doesn’t update the contents. Is it an intended behavior? I found this request which is about the same: Google Drive file update

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Hey @artildo, from looking at the code this seems to be intended. There is no upload logic for the update operation.

So for the time being you might want to leave a vote on the feature request you have linked so the team can consider implementing this in a future version.

Thank you, @MutedJam, I would. But I have too few votes left. How can I get more votes?

The basic idea behind the amount of votes is to give more active members more of a say. @jon put it nicely a few days ago:

the vote count is based on trust level so the more active you are and the longer you are here for the more votes you get :+1:

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Thank you!