Google Drive file update

The idea is:

Currently with the Google Drive node it is not possible to update a file. You can only update metadata. Please add the function to update an existing file (and keep the Google Drive ID).

My use case:

I want to replace an existing *.csv file in Google Drive and keep the ID.
If I use the upload operation a new file is created with a new ID. If I use the update operation it is not possible to upload a file only change the metadata.
I need this for reporting my customer data. I am accessing the file via an API over the ID. If the ID changes this is not possible.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It’s a simple replacement of a file in Google Drive. It will be possible to replace a Google Drive file and keep the ID. This is necessary because in Google Drive the same filename can be saved in the same folder multiple times. A replacement is not possible via upload, only via update.

Any resources to support this?

With the Google Drive API this is possible: Files: update  |  Drive API  |  Google Developers

Are you willing to work on this?

Sorry, I don’t have the skills.