Google My Business Node Request

It will be super helpful if we can have a google my business node. We can use it to manage and automate our GMB page.


Hey @Mustafa_Ali,

Don’t forget to hit that vote button so it counts, What sort of things would you like to be able to do with GMB? There are a lot of features that would take time to implement but if you have a set of things you would like to do now it would be a good starting point.

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  1. Reply to reviews based on the stars they give, for eg. 5 start reviews can be replied with a Thank you message while 1 star can be assured that we will improve our services

I believe the main items for any ecommerce website would be the following:

  • Sync products list
  • Post updates (posts)
  • Sync reviews/rating

Also very interested on this as we are trying to integrate all business chats into our internal so we can have all incoming messages and replies integrated.

A similar concept as this on Zapier:

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I’d like to retrieve status updates from FB and auto post to Google My business. I belive it’s moved across to the maps API now, if that makes things easier…

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Guys, do you have any predictions for this node (implementation) Google My Business.

Do you guys have any predictions for this node (implementation)?

For me it’s GMB’s new client review trigger

@jan look here what is possible to do with Google My Business integration.

Just voted, I’d love to be able to pull posts from somewhere and send them to GMB locations.