Google Sheets (Bug ?) using the Append or Update operation

Hello, here’s my problem on the version 0.231.2 :

Using the Google Sheets node, in the operation “Append or Update”, I got the field from my sheet but I can’t remove some blank field that i don’t want to use.

On the screen, the two blank field who starts with “Reste à charge …” cannot be removed by using the trash.

Is there a way to fix this thing ? I’m afraid it appear as a blank field when I will Update a row and i got fomula on theses ones and i don’t want to remove them.

Thank you if you can help with this :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Jean_WILLAME :wave: Thanks for reporting this!

Just to make sure I understand, you’re trying to append or update to an existing Google sheet, but there’s some empty columns on the sheet you can’t get rid of in the node? :thinking: If you could provide your workflow as well as maybe an example of what your Google Sheet looks like (with any sensitive data redacted, of course), that might help us troubleshoot and test this!

Hello @EmeraldHerald thanks for your reply.

“Just to make sure I understand, you’re trying to append or update to an existing Google sheet” → Yes

I can’t really send it withotu any sensitive information so i’ll just take a screen of the header, and my configuration on the node in n8n :

Here’s my header on google sheets :

Here’s my node configuration, I highlight the one who are bugged as an example in Yellow :

Hey @Jean_WILLAME,

Could you send the header values in a text format so we can test with the same options?

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@Jean_WILLAME hmm, I’m not able to replicate this, at least on 0.233.1 or 0.234.0. Could you try upgrading to 0.233.1 and seeing if that fixes this up for you?

I created a column that contained no data, and then tried to append or update - the blank column is able to be deleted.

Edit: What Jon also asked for is helpful!

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You mean the values on the screen ? :

Statut dossier
Statut DPC
Nom de la société
Analyse du besoin
Intitulé de la formation
Objectif pédagogique
Date début
Date fin
Durée totale
Type de formation

If it’s about the values on the cells of theses headers, i can’t reveal them but it’s mostly basic text, or formula, or date format

For example, on the second screen, I highlight “Statut dossier” and the things that are wrote inside of the 200+ others row for this one, is just a basic text “En montage”.

Tell me if you need other informations.

Ehm, I can’t upgrade because we are based on the version on npm (

So if it’s just a bug fix i should wait but I would like to know if i can keep go through this way first :slight_smile:

Hey @Jean_WILLAME,

You should be able to update the npm version, The latest tag is 0.233.1.


Thanks for your advice, I didn’t see i could update it.

After severals tests, it works well apparently. You can close this issue :slight_smile:

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