Google sheets lookup error?

Hello! I’m starting with (desktop app) and i don’t know if i am doing something wrong or the lookup node in google sheets doesn’t work.

When I read a sheet it gaves me all the data that i need. But when i use the lookup node to fin only one key data, it returns me the same data for all the rows. You can see this in the following pictures.

Read works perfect

Lookup error

This are the nodes i’m using.

Am I doing something wrong?


Probably because the node has more than one input. The nodes in n8n execute as many times as input they have. To solve this, in the node settings, set Execute Once to true. The other option it’s to remove the Google Sheet5 node if you do not need it.


Thank you! But I need to lookup for multiple values. For example, from a previous node I have 3 phone numbers and I need to look for these three numbers in a new sheet.
Is that posible with lookup node?