Gotify Node [GOT CREATED]

Gotify is a simple server for sending and receiving messages

Any update on this?
Much needed one

Not sure when I will get created as we have a lot of nodes in the pipeline. Also, can you please let’s us know the use case you are interested in? So that when it gets created we include the functionality you need. Thanks.

We can self-host locally or in VPS. They have mobile apps as well.

It has everything including API and CURL functionality.

Example Use Case:

  • GitHub mobile won’t send notification by default. Only for mentions. But with the help of n8n + gotify we can get all notifications
  • ActiveCamapign or any service won’t send a notification when anything happens. But with n8n + gotify it’s possible.

Possibilities are endless with Gotify.

@mcnaveen @mskian got created. We will let you know when is released.


@RicardoE105 thanks a lot :heart_eyes:

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Hey @RicardoE105 What a surprise man.

Thanks a lot. :heart:


Got released with [email protected]