Grouping Visual

The idea is:

To add an ability to group flow items or add a boarder with titling around certain flows. It would allow for some visual view of what certain node groups do and how they work together outside of other node groups.

My use case:

I am building flows to sync different types of systems and I have groups of nodes doing certain functions. It would be nice to show a grouping boarder around these to show how they are separate.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Better visual flow organization.

Any resources to support this?

Example of what I am referring to:

Hey @blachole this is related to an existing feature request: Notes at workflow level - #11 by David_Go

We designed “notes” feature to twofold act as containers for grouping nodes (the linked post above has a prototype screenshot if you’re curious). As usual, the first version will be relatively simple but in future I’d expect we’d add things like “automatically move a node that is fully contained within a note, when the note is moved” or auto-resizing the note to fit another node when dragging a node on top of it; in future we also plan to add color themes to further allow more organization + WF legibility.


Thats basically spot on. Thanks for the update, I am looking forward to seeing it in action.

Glad to hear it!

For inspiration, here’s how you can group nodes in Blender - it really helps reduce visual complexity and makes it easy to reuse them:


Many visual apps that have connections between different node like structures provide the group feature. The above one from Blender is a neat example.

I would love to have a be able to drag and select a few nodes and with a hotkey group them together. This grouping can be visually highlighted via a dashed border around and when moving stuff around moving any of the nodes will move the entire group and vice versa.

This would be really great UI and UX improvement.