Header Auth key exposed

Hey guys, I’m migrating lots of tasks from Zapier to N8N and I love it, it’s very flexible and the interface is excellent. Thanks for your hard work.

I had to create a credential using the Header Auth and noticed that when I open to edit, my key is exposed for this type of credential. Is there a way to not display the key, doing the same it’s done for the other credentials (**********)?

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Hi @barone, welcome to the community, and thanks for the warm words. To my knowledge, there’s no way to hide the key in the header auth. I forwarded your request internally because I agree that it should behave as other cred fields.
May I ask why it’s important for you that the field is hidden? Would be interesting to learn more about it.

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Just to make it clear. I assume you mean the value for “Value” and not for “Name”.

The “Value” field should definitely changed. Will be a fast and simple fix and should go out in the next version.


Hi @Niklas_Hatje , for sure.

Right now, I belong to the technical department of the company that I work for, and I’m in charge to implement n8n. Once it’s done, many pppl from different departments will use it to add their automation. I don’t want to expose our key to everyone that doesn’t need to have access to it.

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Hi @barone,

The good news is we have implemented this change and it should be available in 0.217.0

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That is great, thanks @Jon

New version [email protected] got released which includes the GitHub PR 5534.

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