Home made message broker

Hi all,
I got the same problem than @a1ekseev , in this post : Uncontrollable RabbitMQ
So i decide to build a message broker like.

Stack manager

How to build an Home Made Message Broker

The way N8N works with Rabbit MAQ is not statisfying for me.

The purpose here is to be able to limit the number of simultaneous workflow from unknow number of simultaneous event.


DB Stack_Pim must have a field to store the process status and a record key to be transmetted to the processing workflow

process_status : null/processing/processed

Stack Pim Manager

Stack Pim manager

http request send the DB record key

Stack Pim Processing


For test purpose, a simple workflow to wait few secondes. The last step update DB stack_pim process_status=“processed” on the DB record receive by the webhook.

Et voila ! hope its help.


It looks complicated and cumbersome. In addition, this option is far from the principles of queues in RabbitMQ, and making queues on a database is extremely strange. Your version is more like how Kafka works.
I plan to write a small application to work with RabbitMQ queue and Webhook N8N, which will allow me to control the load on the N8N.

hi @a1ekseev , did you succeed in your attempt to control the the rabbitmq load ?