How Do I run one flow at time

Hi, I got my N8N setup and I setup a webhook to take data from one CRM via a webhook and add the data to Mautic.

The flow works fine when I send 1-5 webhooks at once but when I send 50 webhook the server overloads

since all the webhooks are running all at the same time. I think I might not be using the wait node correctly.

How do I make it so the data in the webhook is all waiting until the first flow ends its run so its all run once at time?

Running one flow at a time, it’s not possible. However, n8n supports multiple executions modes that can help with that.

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I think the issue is that the webhook is sending one request at a time so the split batch is not really working since there is nothing to split when the call is sent one at a time. maybe I need to store all the data in one place then run the split batch to slow down the process.
does that sound about right?

Next to running n8n in main mode as @RicardoE105 did hint or running n8n in scaling mode to increase the throughput, you could do something as you did propose. Like having a workflow that pushes things to a queue and then another one that processes those queue items.

Thank you very much for all the insight :slight_smile:
For now, I am passing the webhook data into a google sheet so the data can be executed one call at a time !

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