How to change port of webhook node in n8n

Hi @MutedJam,

We have changed n8n port from 5678 to 8443 for frontend login.
I am currently using webhook node. But that port changes has not applied to webhook url.
when I am trying to use webhook. I am getting test url but in that I am getting 5678 port. For that I have made change in .env file. I have added this line
export WEBHOOK_URL= into .env file.

In the above screenshot you can see my n8n is running on 8443 port but in test url you can see port 5678.
If I use the this test link to trigger webhook I am getting error which is expected.

But if I made port change and add /n8n/ after port it works fine.

You can see in the above screenshot.
I want to know where do I need to make change so that this
url “” generate automatically by webhook test url.

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Hi @MutedJam
This issue is resolved.


Glad to hear, thanks for confirming!

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