How to changes n8n default theme color

i have tried below solution but this will not work with the code but through browser it will work.

Any other solution for that ?

Hi @chandreshwar, I am afraid you would currently have to build your own custom version of n8n using a modified theme file as described by @Mutasem in the post you have linked.

I sure hope this will get easier going forward, but right now that’s the only option I am aware of.

Are you doing this for your own personal use in your own browser? You can use resource override chrome plugin for example to inject a stylesheet and change the colors as you want

  1. Inject a css file

  2. Update the css variables

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@Mutasem @MutedJam can we do without chrome extension ? is theire any way to change in files to get the same result ?

@chandreshwar as discussed here, you can do this by updating the tokens file and rebuilding n8n Change color of buttons - #2 by Mutasem