How to check if the current workflow is running

Hi n8n Team,

How can I check if the current workflow is already running or not? If current workflow is running, then stop execute the current thread. The workflow is a schedule trigger every minute, each time the execution may over a minute, so I need this checking to prevent multi thread overlapping.


Hi @anderson.wong :wave:

This would be a little difficult to do with solely n8n, as the public API doesn’t support querying running executions :grimacing:

I’ll move this to the feature request subforum so that our product team can get their eyes on this, but for now, your best bet would probably be the use of the RabbitMQ trigger’s Parallel Message Processing Limit option. I know it’s not ideal to bring in a third-party service :bowing_man:

Hi Emerald,

It sounds perfect of using this option. I don’t mind using Rabbit MQ as I no need to write complicated workflow to check current workflow running. I will try this option.


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If you still need something for this I made a pretty simple workflow that solves the problem