How to configure SEO data for Article

How to configure SEO data for Article, I use Yoast Seo plugin.

How do I populate this data from the yoast panel with data generated by articles?

You cannot directly manipulate Yoast meta data using neither n8n nor the WordPress REST API. **The Yoast REST API is currently read-only.

so it is not possible to fill this data? will I have to do it manually after the article is posted?

Not possible for now. But take a look at this:

Hey @Edgard_Neto

You can use the MySQL node to modify the Yoast meta_keys in the database, after you have created the post with n8n.

Once you have the post ID of the post, you can look up in the wp_postmeta table, the meta_keys starting with _yoast that belong to the post ID just generated.

SELECT * FROM `database_name`.`wp_postmeta` WHERE (`meta_key` LIKE '%_yoast%') AND (`post_id` LIKE '%12705%') ORDER BY `meta_id` LIMIT 500 OFFSET 0;



Wow! Will try for sure. :heart:

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Awesome, I’ll take the test.



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