How to create a Calendar/Software that Automatically Sync Eventbrite, Ticketailor and Events?

I’m want to create a calendar (in Ical/GoogleCal/Apple Calendar… whichever it is) that:

  • Automatically sync with the UPCOMING events (not events that I bought) of Organisers that I choose from Eventbrite, Ticket Tailor and even private websites.
  • Events can be added manually.
  • Extra: The Calendar can sync with Notion (back and forth)

Hey @Testtotamto,

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I would probably start by checking the services you want to pull the data from to see if they have an API or if we have a node for them, Assuming there is at least an API you should be able to get that data into n8n using an HTTP Request node. From there it won’t take much to add it to Notion or Google Cal.

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Hi @Testtotamto,

If applicable, the perfect architecture of it is event webhook registering via Webhook trigger node instead of requesting APIs of your event providers in every X minutes. For example, when an event is created on Eventbrite they will call your predefined webhook URL with event details. Luckily, Eventbrite has this feature. After your n8n workflows is triggered, you can do whatever you want with other 3rd party integration nodes.

I hope it helps.

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@Jon @samaritan thanks you so much for the reply, I appreciate it. I kind of understood but my Tech knowledge is definitely not enough for making this happen, I thought it would have been easier.

Would any of you or anyone you know on this platform be interested to make the system and sharing with me the result (i have a mac) & explain to me how can add other events from other platforms? I’ll be glad to pay them around $20 for it. thanks!

Hi @Testtotamto ,

You can open a post for that in here.

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