How to fix a malfunctioning "wait" node with active, running executions?

Hey there - the workflow is basically an email automation campaign, but using dynamic content - hence n8n.

It’s active - and I have 150 or so people already in there - and now see that the 1 day wait isn’t working. They’re all stuck in it. I tested it with shorter periods of time, but not with the proper wait - my mistake. And reading this post, it seems like the workaround to the bug is chaining something like 4 6-hour waits vs the 1 day: Wait Node set to 24 hours / 1 day - Execution disappears after wait time period

My question: with all the running campaigns stuck on the 1-day wait - how do I get them out of that broken wait and into the work-around wait-chain?

Do I need to duplicate the campaign and process a csv or the like of the active subscribers?

Here’s my workflow:

Hi @creativemusicstudio, I am afraid I could not reproduce the problem when using longer waits with 1 or more days.

Waiting executions with durations >65 seconds would be persisted to your n8n database, so there should be no technical difference between a waiting execution with 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week.

Are you also seeing this p wroblem with a simplified workflow like below on the latest version of n8n 1.16.0?

If so, can you confirm exactly how you have deployed n8n please?

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