How to get workflow executions list based on date filters using executions list endpoint

We are trying to get list of workflow executions based on the datetime range by using following endpoint


How to add parameters in filters for date range

Hi @yasin.tahasildar - thanks for getting in touch about this.

The endpoint at the moment doesn’t support filtering by date as a query parameter - you can find all supported parameters in our API documentation.

I’ll mark this as a feature request so the team can get their eyes on it - but in the meantime, you would likely need to fetch all of your workflow executions and then filter by date further from there. You may quickly hit the memory limit if you’re doing this on n8n cloud, though, if you’ve a lot of data :see_no_evil:

If you’re using PostgreSQL or MySQL as the database for your n8n instance, you might find it easier to access the database and look at your executions_entity table instead, and run a query for the dates you need.

Hope that helps!

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