How to make a markdown file from template (templating)

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I’m trying to build on n8n what I made on Zapier:

  • I have a form on Fillout
  • Once answered I want to produce a markdown file
  • Then send that file by email

The trigger is ok and simple: a webhook and I can integrate with Fillout. So at this point, I have the workflow triggered when the form is filled in, and I get all questions and answers in the data pipeline.

What I don’t understand on n8n: how do you do text templating? Can you explain me the different options here? So basically, I need a template, with variables to be replaced by some of the answers of the form, then send the result document as a file by email.

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  • n8n online (saas)

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hello @Nicolas_Michel

you can use the HTML node with the Generate HTML Template option for that, but it won’t be a markdown.

Generally, you have a variables and you can build any text around it with the Edit Fields node, or Code node

Thank you. Your answer helped me and I could implement it. Eventually with a code node in python/jinja2. Had some hard time understanding the concept of binary output to make it a file but everything is working well.

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