How to pass numbers to google sheets with comma instead of dot

Problem With Dot instead Comma

Hello, I would like the numbers passed to google sheets to come configured to come with a comma, instead of a dot. I already tried using loLocaleString in Set Node and also User Entered to Value Input Mode on Google sheets node. But nothing is working. All numbers are coming with a comma instead of a period. For example:

453.32 instead of 453,32

As in Brazil we use a comma to determine the decimal places, google sheets can’t understand the values are weird. He can’t add the value.

When values come with a comma, google sheets automatically understands that it is a currency value and puts the brazilian real sign.

Like This:

R$ 453,32

Can someone help me, please?


n8n setup

  • 0.202.1
  • Google Sheets
  • Running n8n with the execution process [own(default), main]:
  • Docker

I would simply use a .replace(‘.’,‘,’) I guess

Unfortunately I already tried to do that, this ends up being a problem in the near future