How work OAUTH2

I need to connect n8n to qonto. And I need to login using OAUTH2 process. The problem is that the refresh token change too we I refresh the access token. I saw that n8n provide a oauth2 credential module. But in the qonto documentation, there is probably speciefics fields or way to use the api.

For exemple, qonto ask for “form url-enconded” data.

How the credential module know the qonto specification ?

I am thinking to use a mongodb to store the refresh and access token but I meet an issue :sob:. I think that do no re implemente the oauth process is better way.

Hi @taahir, can you confirm if you hit any trouble with using the default OAuth2 credentials of n8n against Qonto? If so, which problems exactly are you seeing?

Perhaps you might alternatively want to check out the Qonto node @Dtneo built and shared over here: Qonto node - #10 by Dtneo

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Thanks for the poke.
Oauth2 works but not the long token. (I’m not a expert enough for doing a good authentication)
I used the login:key for my automation.

Qonto team have a good POSTMAN : Postman

I accept every help for improve this node.

Available on github: GitHub - DtNeo/n8n-qonto-node: Node Qonto for the app

npm link : n8n-nodes-qonto - npm

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