Htpasswd file for authentication

I run n8n via docker on my own. With the first configuration I use N8N_BASIC_AUTH_USER and N8N_BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD for testing. Now I want to provide several users and want to use a user and password database created by htpasswd but unfornately I didn’t get n8n run with these kind of user database.
Is htpsswd file support available or how I have to configure user and password files for more than one user?

Hey @cmeissner,

At the moment multi user support isn’t really supported (feature request here: User and Privilege Management)

What you can do though is put a reverse proxy like nginx infront of n8n then use basic Auth with multiple users that way but you won’t know what user did what and you could hit issues if 2 users hit save at the same time.


The current workaround people use, is to have multiple n8n instances, one for each user. Sorry know that is not perfect but will be solved as soon as user management got released as mentioned above by @jon.