Http request node + webhook

can i use an http request node to start another stream on my n8n that starts with a webhook? I ask this because I tried to do it, but the http request node runs for a long time and never starts the webhook of the other flow.

yes should be able to do that

Hi @admdiegolima,
what you’re trying to do is feasible.
This is the basic configuration of the Webhook node. (Are you using any type of Authentication?)
Keep in mind that:

  • the Test URL is used when testing the workflow in the canvas, and you have to click on the “Listen For Test Event” or “Execute Workflow” buttons for that URL to respond
  • the Production URL is used for production (works even when you close the workflow canvas) but the workflow must be active: click on the active/inactive switch top right.

then this is how to call that webhook with an HTTP request:

let me know if that helps and if you need more help. Share me your workflows if you want.

As an alternative strategy you could use the Execute Workflow node to call another workflow, more info here: Execute Workflow - n8n Documentation


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