HTTP Request with CRT + Key

Hi again, a question:

Can i use a additional Certficate (CRT + KEY) with the HTTP Request Function ?
Like with CURL:
$keyFile = *.key
$certFile = *.crt


Noone there are like this Feature ?

Edit: Ignore this message did not see that it was about the HTTP Request Node.

Ah sorry forgot to update here. Got implemented by a user:

The documentation can be found here:

Jan, this implementation is not for my case ? Right ? Its for use own certificates.

Exactly. Is only to protect n8n itself.

Jan, Stefan again. What do you think its possible to have these feature in a later version ? To Connect Rest API with crt and key files ?
Thnaks again,

Yes for sure. But is however all about how many resources we have and how much interest there is in a specific feature. Right now it sadly looks like not that many people are interested in that specific functionality. At least nobody did up-vote it.

This may not be of a lot of interest in this at the moment but I think if people are looking at using this as part of an online service, this will become a critical part of the entire package. We are already seeing that many web browsers are referring to HTTP is insecure (and rightfully so since grabbing unencrypted information in transit from these sites is trivial) and HTTPS is the first (not the only) step to securing this.

@Stefan: One thing that I would consider doing at this point in time if you are looking at implementing n8n “in the wild” is to put a proxy in front of it with your own certificate and then put n8n on a separate system that has no external interface. Then, set up a VPN connection to the n8n interface so that you can access and manage the system without having to worry about the certificates.

Tephlon, this case with a proxy is what i now have to do. I try it with nginx.

One other solution could also be to do it on a lower level. To tell the operating system that the specific self-signed certificate can be trusted. One example here:

At least in theory have to say that I did never test it.

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Jan, thanks for your hint. Ill try it. When i use N8n in a Docker, i think i must integrate it in the docker ?