Hubspot authentication do not work in developer account

Hi I was trying to connect hubspot trigger to hubspot developer application. I followed the documentation HubSpot - n8n Documentation and gave all mentioned scopes but I have an issue of insufficient scopes.


Have you an idea about this issue ?

n8n version : 0.172.0

Hey @wassim, welcome to the community!

I am very sorry to hear you’re having trouble. The “HubSpot Developer API” credentials (which combine OAuth2 with developer-token-based authentication) are incredibly annoying to get right.

Personally, I’d almost always go for the regular node (allowing much simpler token-based authentication) and poll my data in short intervals over using the trigger.

However, if you do want to use the trigger you might find this mega thread on various Hubspot authentication issues helpful. It has a few points you might want to double-check.

Hey, thanks @MutedJam !

Unfortunately I tried these suggestions but without a success. I even tried a fresh n8n version.

I really prefer to use trigger to get near real time integration.

Oh, I’m sorry to hear this didn’t help. I’ve set some time aside to run through the Hubspot authentication once again next week to see if anything might have changed since.

Great, thanks !

Hey @wassim, I tried authenticating once again from scratch. Here’s what I did:

  1. Ensure I have both an app and a developer account:

  2. On the Apps page of my developer account, I requested the developer API key like so:


  3. Copied and pasted the key in the respective field of the n8n credentials screen:

  4. Created a new app:

  5. From the Auth tab for the new app, copied App ID, Client ID and Client Secret into the respective fields in n8n:

  6. Back on the Hubspot Auth tab, selected scopes from the documentation (if you can’t see these exact scopes you might need to create a fresh Hubspot developer account - some older accounts don’t seem to have access to those):

  7. Copied the redirect URL from n8n into the respective field on Hubspot’s Auth tab and saved changes:

  8. Clicked “Connect my account” on the n8n credentials screen. In the Hubspot pop-up, picked the App account (not the dev account):

  9. Confirmed the permissions for your app by clicking “Connect app”:

  10. Success:

So while this is super cumbersome and error-prone, the process still worked. You might want to compare step by step that you picked the right values in each field.

Thank you! It worked. I think issue last time was by adding more scopes than required.

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Glad to hear, thanks so much for confirming!

I can confirm the same issue - I had to remove extra scopes to make it work. May want to update the documentation to state this in big bold letters