HubSpot Node Trigger Not working

I have a WF with a HubSpot trigger, start with a Contact.Property Changed.

I dont´know why is not working.

Doing manual update in hubspot the trigger is not responding.
IF done with a new contact and manual check it works.

Any idea?
Thanks !

Hi @Juan_Pablo_Sanchez, welcome to the community :tada:

Hubspot is very picky when it comes to integrating with n8n’s trigger functionality unfortunately (as seen in this Hubspot mega thread).

Are you by any chance using separate workflows or n8n instances? Hubspot only allows a single webhook URL per developer app. So if you have multiple n8n triggers configured with the same Hubspot app, only one of them would work as expected.

You can view the current configuration in Hubspot’s UI for each developer app and compare the URL shown against the webhook URL shown for your n8n trigger.



Great Answer!, i do i have more HS triggers in other WF´s.

I will check this!

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