HubSpot Node Trigger Not working

I have a WF with a HubSpot trigger, start with a Contact.Property Changed.

I dont´know why is not working.

Doing manual update in hubspot the trigger is not responding.
IF done with a new contact and manual check it works.

Any idea?
Thanks !

Hi @Juan_Pablo_Sanchez, welcome to the community :tada:

Hubspot is very picky when it comes to integrating with n8n’s trigger functionality unfortunately (as seen in this Hubspot mega thread).

Are you by any chance using separate workflows or n8n instances? Hubspot only allows a single webhook URL per developer app. So if you have multiple n8n triggers configured with the same Hubspot app, only one of them would work as expected.

You can view the current configuration in Hubspot’s UI for each developer app and compare the URL shown against the webhook URL shown for your n8n trigger.



Great Answer!, i do i have more HS triggers in other WF´s.

I will check this!

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Hi, just again with this and i have a doubt ;=)

IF i ADD more webhooks to the same App it will not work. is it right)
IF I CREATE a new APP and CREDENCIAL it will work? ( means i will have 2-3-4 HS Apps and each APP just for 1 N8N Workflow?.
My end is to substitute the native WebHook in hubspot ( workflows) that you can only use if you have the PRO licence and subtitute by different N8N Workflows.

Iirc correctly Hubspot only allows one webhook URL per app. So you’d indeed need to create another app if you want to use different webhook URLs.

Alternatively you could consider just setting up one webhook for all events and then use Switch or IF nodes in your main workflow to narrow things down.

If i go with the Switcher option. That means i will have less granulate and more request x month is it right?
thanks again

That means i will have less granulate and more request x month is it right?

This depends on the events you receive from Hubspot. But yes, if you go with “all events” that’s certainly possible.

Not possible to create different webhook URLs since N8N by default doesnt allow us to change the URL.

Hi @Hugo_Aroeira, welcome to the community!

It’s important to know that Hubspot only allows a single webhook URL. So you will not be able to use multiple trigger nodes unless you register and manage different Hubspot applications.

That said, n8n let’s you create different webhook URLs. Simply create a new Hubspot trigger node from scratch (rather than copying an existing one) and it should use a new webhook URL.