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Hello n8n community,
I have a question about Hubspot CRM workflow setup.

I’ve setup the trigger :

But the data it’s not the needed one, i need another fields like “first name”, “source”, “conversion date”.

How can i get this specific data from the Hubspot trigger node ?

Hi @Mahdi, you would typically take the ID of the contact received in the Hubspot Trigger node and then use it to fetch the contact details in the regular Hubspot node.

So you could connect your Trigger node to a Hubspot node using the Get operation of the Contact resource and then add an expression like {{$json["contactId"]}} in the Contact ID field.

Thank you @MutedJam
Here is the setup for the community :

I’ve noticed that the workflow run only once when it triggers a new contact, how can i make it execute when it triggers new contacts please ?


You would need to activate the workflow using the toggle in the upper right corner of your canvas:


The workflow should then run in the background for all newly created contacts. You can check previous executions via the executions list available through the left sidebar:

Be careful with activating workflows including a Hubspot Trigger though: Hubspot only allows a single webhook (which is what the Hubspot trigger uses) per developer app to be active at a time.

So executing a workflow manually (through the “Execute Workflow” or “Execute Node” buttons) would override the webhook used by an active workflow. See here:

So make sure to only activate your Hubspot Trigger workflow once you’re done building/testing your workflow.

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Thank you @MutedJam it works.
When i send emails through mailchimp it shows me the details in my contact hubspot page (tracking of the activity), but now i’m using the mandrill app (transactional email “SMTP”)
I want to know it is possible to add nodes that send the information to hubspot to appear the needed details (like in the picture below) ?

Mahdi :grin:

Hey @Mahdi, you can manually add emails using the Engagement Resource of the Hubspot node in n8n. Make sure to provide the ID of the correct contact in the respective field highlighted below:

Afterwards, the email will appear in Hubspot as a logged email.

Hello @MutedJam, thank you for the solution.
To take my workflow for the next level, i want to segment my leads (IF), i’m using mandrillapp and i can see who’s opened the mail or clicked on a link :

There is a solution to use this data on my workflow ?