I can't edit a sheet in Excel 365

Hello everybody!

Please, I need help about a process using Excel 365. My intention is to insert data into a sheet. I didn’t find the solution in any other post or in “help”, so I ask for support here.

I was able to connect with my Excel account credentials (when I generate the “Workbook > Get All” flow I receive a list of all Excel spreadsheets on my 365). However, when I try to find a spreadsheet, I can’t.

For example, in the sequence image. The “From list” option does not bring any files. Furthermore, when I try to enter the ID (which I found through Get All - or even through the link in One Drive), it also gives an error.

Please, could anyone help?

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Information on your n8n setup

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  • Operating system:

Hi @egauto :wave: Welcome to the community :tada:

Just to understand further - you’ve used these credentials with n8n, and you were previously able to get a list of all spreadsheets that your account has access to by using the “Get All” option, but when you’re trying to view the sheets, the node results are blank? :thinking:

Hello EmeraldHerald! Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the support!

It’s exactly what you said. When I use Workbook > Get Many, I get the list of Excel files from my Microsoft 365, as shown in the image. In other words, apparently I can connect to my Excel 365 account and there is no problem here.

However, when I try to use other Excel 365 features, such as Sheets > Append (or any other operation that requires choosing an Excel file), the files do not load in the file list, as shown in the image below. Additionally, when I select the “By ID” option and enter the sheet ID, I also get an error message.

What could I be doing wrong here?

Hi @egauto - thanks for confirming! When you try to enter the ID of the sheet manually, you mention an error - can you share what error you’re seeing? That might be helpful in diagnosing this :eyes:

Hi EmeraldHerald!

The message appears when I enter the ID (obtained from the Get All mentioned above). I hid the ID with the black lines, but this is the message that appears: “Not a valid workbook ID”


Hey @egauto,

When using by id we incorrectly show a warning there but you can ignore that it won’t stop the workflow from working.

Are you using a personal Microsoft 355 account or a corporate one? If it is a corporate one are you a standard user, an owner or do you have multiple tenants?

In the box that won’t load anything does the search function at all?

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