Identifying duplicates on dedupe node

Hello !

The dedupe node allows to filter the list to remove duplicates.

I believe an improvement would be to be able to “identify duplicates” instead of only being able to remove them.

That way we could trigger a delete row action, or other nodes affecting the duplicates only.

I believe the best implementation would be to actually have two outputs like we do on an if node:

  • one for items identified as unique (no change here)
  • one for items that were deemed to be duplicates (currently, the ones filtered out)

What do you think ?


I was thinking about it (in the middle of the night for a change :sweat_smile:) and one solution that would require maybe less work and would make more sense would be to use the If node.

We already have is null, etc.
We could also have is a duplicate and push all duplicates to true, and all unique values to false.

By the way, similarly, filter node could just be a switch activate output if false