Identifying duplicates

I am pulling data from a database via API. The data is a person’s entry into a race.

I need to identify if any entrants have used the same email address as another entrant, stop the one of the duplicates from proceeding further in the automation, and notify me via email of the duplicate and merge into the email the items contained in the original json file for the duplicate.

I can see to use the item list node to remove duplicates, but I cant see how to look at all entries for a duplicate email address.

In this case, the workflow does not help much because I do not have access to, for example, the output of the HTTP node. Can you please create a small loom video showcasing the issue? If you have private data there, send it as a private message to me.

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I have the issue, if you want i can share it

Please share it.

Hello @RicardoE105 , i’ve opened a topic some week ago, and @MutedJam helped me.
I will post the Topic here, maybe could be helpful for everyone!

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