IF node - Date & Time parameter - Valid format


I am trying to set a dynamic value for “occurred after” in the IF node.

I take the value from the Date & Time node but none of the formats works. I cannot find any documentation on the format requirements.

When I click “Today” in the date selector it shows 2021-07-28T08:34:11.872Z and the IF node works, but I assume that’s just a static value.

Any help on this would be much appreciated, thank you for a great community!

Hey @wallinex!

What is the format you’re passing to the IF node? Can you please the value? If you can share the workflow, it would be easy for me to replicate the issue

I figured our the issue. If I want to compare 200 results with e.g "2021-07-28T08:34:11.872Z " I need to add 199 more duplicates of “2021-07-28T08:34:11.872Z” to make it work. So it’s not a formatting issue but rather that the IF function needs as meny items to compare to as the “IF” value.

Would be lovely to have a setting “compare with all” so one doesn’t have to create 199 duplicates but only need to pull in one value e.g “today’s date” which is updated every time the function is run.

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