Image quality loss after edit pdf using edit image

Hello, I have the following pdf.

which show clear words ( in pdf ) format

however, whenever i use edit image node to make some modification, the resulting file is very blur.

Is there anything i can do to improve the image quality?

Hey @Benjamin123, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. Does this affect the actual file or just the preview in n8n? Could you share an example file showing this behaviour so I can test this on my end?

hello @MutedJam ,i have recrate a sample workflow with sample file for your reference.

As you can see, the resolutions of pdf file drop after editing. Are we able to keep the same resolution after editing? or when we convert to image, are we able to select the resolutions that we wish to convert

after adding border

I suspect the Edit Image node converts this text (which can be zoomed into indefinitely) into an actual image in the editing process (with a limited resolution not allowing infinite zoom). I’ll double-check this in more detail when I have a bit of time.

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Hello @MutedJam have you found a solution to avoid losses in quality?

Hi @Benjamin123, sorry for the late reply, I was on holiday and didn’t get to catching up with all old post yet.

Unfortunately I did not find a way to solve this with the current node.

With the additional limitation of PDF importss only working on some operating systems/docker images (as confirmed here), it think it makes most sense to convert this into a feature request (“add full support for PDF processing including an option to keep the original format without loss of quality”), so you and other users can vote on this and the team can revisit this at a later stage.