IMAP Inject & Move Message

It would be nice to have a extension of the IMAP nodes to

  • move a message between folders and mailboxes
  • create folders in a mailbox
  • create new messages in a mailbox and subfolder

The issue was developed here:

Regards Sebastian

Not opposed to this, but this can also be done using sieve rules on the IMAP server. That’s at least the solution I choose and it works well.

I also think this feature request is a bit beyond the scope of N8N, as this is mostly functionality that belongs to the email server or client.

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Hey @vco1!

Thanks for suggesting sieve rules. THat’s something I personally have never used and will look into.

We are running an Exchange server so my intentions with such a functionality is for example:

  • use the EmailReadImap trigger
  • use n8n to convert the attachments and process them
  • move the message to dedicated folders depending on the processing
  • send some notification through SMTP maybe

We are looking into processing stuff like this in the future.

Regards Sebastian

Sieve won’t work with Exchange (I think), but most likely the same functionality can be accomplished with server side rules.

I have created workflows that do steps 1,2 and 4 of your example. For step 3 (the move) I choose an alternative route. Basically doing it upfront and not depending on the processing. Question is, is it really depending on the processing? I.e. is the move based on the result of a step in your WF?

I’m using a separate “n8n” mail account b.t.w. Which makes processing easier imho. Any mail that needs to be handled by N8N gets automatically copied (not forwarded!) to that account and it leaves the “original” mail for further processing, e.g. moving it to a special mailbox. Mail in the “n8n” mailbox gets deleted (expunged) periodically, based on age and read status (read = processed by n8n).

Hope this makes sense.